Derrick L. Hiten

Project Management Professional

Phone: (951) 642-1995

What Colleagues, Management and Customers Say ...


  • ‘I appreciate the caliber of your work, the confidence you project and the trust and cooperation you inspire in other stakeholders. Thank you!’
  • You are a good man and damn good at your work; and your contribution to and support of Neena and the rest of our team has been invaluable.

Bill Ender – Global Information Security Director – Becton, Dickinson and Company


  • “I frankly don’t know what I’d do without Derrick as project manager. He is quick to pick up all concepts, he asks the right questions, has the right answers and is a perfect addition to our team.”

 Neena Ballard – Manager, Global IT Risk Management – Becton, Dickinson and Company


  • “I am appreciative of your leadership in finding the issue and preventing it from going to PRD (production)”

 Christine Edel – Director, Information Technology – HDSupply


  • “Looks really good Derrick – thanks for adding all of the polish!”

 Mike Vitale – Vice President Information Technology – HDSupply


  • “Thanks so much – appreciate you bringing me up to speed”

 John Berry – Chief Commercial Officer – HD Supply


  • “Great Job – Thanks for the leadership”

 Rich Noble- Sr. Manager CRM and PMO- HDSupply


  • “This displayed great leadership with the cross functional team which I know is a challenge when your project team is 40+”

Trisha Housmans, Sr. Manager - HDSupply


  • “I appreciate everything you and the team have done to get us to this point”

Rita Anderson – Director Abbott Vascular


  • “Man….You are the KING of organization and logistics!  Nicely done….”

 Michael F Rogers – Vice President Energy and Industry – MWH Global, Inc. / Asst. Scoutmaster


  • “I just received some great feedback about today’s kickoff. Actual Quote ‘That was the best kickoff meeting I’ve attended at LPL. We never get this broad of a perspective at the beginning, so this was great!!.’ “

 Brandon Hees – Vice President Business Technology Services – LPL Financial


  • “Wahooo! We get Derrick!   Nice J”

Ian Falcon - Relationship manager Business Technology Services - LPL Financial


  •  “Derrick has a lot of knowledge in the field of Project Management.  He has fit into our existing methods and more and more is finding ways to improve those based on his knowledge and experiences.”
  •  “Derrick has performed well in his time at PlantCML. He brings very good clarity to whatever he works along with a calm attitude. People trust him and that's a good thing.”

 Robert (Bob) Waltrip, - Director Research and Development – PlantCML (Company name Changed to Cassidian Communications Inc.)


  • “I wanted to let you know I feel Derrick is doing a GREAT job for us.”

 Jim Hausermann-Veskerna, - Associate Product Line Manager: IDS – PlantCML (Company name Changed to Cassidian Communications Inc.)


  •  “Kudos go out to the both of you for coming up with the concept”

Kim Siepert - Associate Product Line Manager- Mapping products – PlantCML (Company name Changed to Cassidian Communications Inc.)


  •  “Great job guys!”

 Jeroen De Witte, - Vice President: Research and Development – PlantCML (Company name Changed to Cassidian Communications Inc.)


  •  “Very nice work – we can start to have an intelligent conversation with the necessary powers based on facts.”

 Michael Schuetz, - Product Area Business Manager: IDS – PlantCML (Company name Changed to Cassidian Communications Inc.)


  • “From the upfront analysis done to the week one support plan, this was really well managed and executed.”

 Christopher F. Feeney - Managing Director/CIO | Corp Exec Dept – LPL Financial


  • “I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to all of you for your work on the AXA implementation project. This was a huge project and the last few days I have been impressed with how well it has gone. I know that it took tremendous, teamwork and focus to achieve this result. Thank you to all of you for your hard work. Our new customers are very happy (and impressed)!”

 Esther Stearns – President and COO – LPL Financial


  • “Special thanks to Derrick Hiten ….”

 Andrew Duggan – EVP & Chief Information Officer – LPL Financial


  • “I would never hesitate to recommend Derrick for any contract or employee position.”
  • “PS You are REALLY good. I really appreciate your clear way of communicating. It’s a rare gift.”
  • “Hey – NICE work on this. You really are great. I’m glad you’re on the team!”
  • “Over the last 24 hours, this group (comprised of Desktop Support, DBA's, NT Admins, AD Admins, Network Engineers, Citrix Admins, Release Management, QA, Developers, System Analysts, Project Managers, and Managers - PHEW) really showed what BTS is capable of when we all pull together as one team.”

 Scott E. Vock – VP Information Systems – LPL Financial


  • “Your superior skills in developing the Critical Path Diagrams and tracking events played a key role in the success of the IWAS project.”
  • “The fact that a State Information Technology Project came in on time and within budget is commendable, and you should be proud of your contributions to this effort.”

Sandra Vencill – Senior IS analyst and Project Manager – CSLB


  • “Thank you for your hard work, initiative and dedication… you make a difference!”
  • “You have made many positive contributions to our business and are a very important member of the team.”

 Lee D Roberts – Chairman and CEO – FileNet Corporation


  • “FileNet Professional Service appreciates your collaborative team efforts in the California State Licensing Project.”

 David Despard – Sr. VP Global Professional Services – FileNet Corporation


  • “Thank you for demonstrating World Class professionalism.”
  • “What a year it has been, you are among a handful of individuals who have been nominated to receive a special monetary award. Your contribution has helped Professional Services attain its Q4 goal.”

 Peter Hodsdon – Director of Consulting Services – FileNet Corporation