Derrick L. Hiten

Project Management Professional

Phone: (951) 642-1995

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Operational Network Manager


(South Africa)

1996 - 1997


M-Web is a South African Based Internet Service Provider; the TCP/IP Network formed the backbone of the company. My objective was to ensure that the Network ran optimally with the highest possible availability, to ensure the satisfaction of the company's many subscribers.

Tasks included:

Keep International and National Network up & running efficiently (telecommunications).

Asset Management.



Liaison (internally & externally).

Statistics Analysis & Reporting.

Pre-Sales Internet Technical Support



(South Africa)

1995 - 1996


My main objective in this position was to assist the internet  sales staff in respect to answering any technical inquiries, potential corporate customers had, with regards to the Internet, as well as to provide direct support to a number of external sales agents.

Tasks Included:

Provide Pre-Sales Technical Support on all aspects of the Internet

Provide On-site customer education

Install and optimize Internet client Software

Maintain internal demonstration venues

Provide support of Internet Cafés

Install, support and provide technical advise on Internet Services at trade shows