Derrick L. Hiten

Project Management Professional

Phone: (951) 642-1995

Experience 1983 - 1987go Back

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Computer Programmer


Rand Admin (Pty) Ltd.

(South Africa)

1984 - 1987



Rand Admin was a computer bureau which provided a number of computing services to a firm of actuaries and various pension funds, my duties included design, development, testing, rollout and maintaining two pension fund systems. Additional duties included assisting with the operations of the computers.

Tasks Included:

Computer Operator (originally employed as an operator)

System Programmer

System investigation, development, coding, testing and maintenance using COBOL

Trainee Computer Operator

Barclays National  Bank

(South Africa)

1983 - 1984

Started off as a branch clerk, where I was exposed to computers, this awoke my interest, and I applied for a transfer to the Bank's computer center. Our objective at the computer center was to ensure that all the northern region of South Africa's banking transactions were satisfactorily processed, and that all relevant documentation was processed and sent back to the branches (Statements, microfiche, etc.)