Derrick L. Hiten

Project Management Professional

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Welcome to my Web Home, either you stumbled across this site, or else you purposefully followed one of my links to get here.  Either way - Welcome!

This website was created to provide you - the viewer with a more in depth view into my professional life.

I realize that people looking to employ resources do not have the time during the initial selection process to look at much more than a one page resume, however, once that initial selection is made, I know from experience that a lot more detail is required - The information contained in these web pages will provide you with a better insight to my skills and capabilities.

My Mission

To prove that Information System/Technology (IS / IT) projects can be successfully implemented on Time, within Budget and to the Satisfaction of the Client (Functionality provided, Quality provided, etc.), by adhering and applying a number of Project Management Skills learnt, tried and tested over a number of years.

My Profile

I am credentialed as a Project Management Professional through the Project Management Institute (PMI) the world’s leading not-for-profit project management professional association.  I am also Board Certified as a Master Project Manager and Certified International Project Manager through the American Academy of Project Management.

I am a member of the Project Management Institute, an organization which is dedicated to advancing the methods of Project management, I am also a member of the PMI California Inland Empire Chapter. 

I have been involved in virtually all aspects of Information Systems/Technology for the last 25+ years, beginning as a Computer Operator, Architect / Programmer, Trainer / Educator, Account Manager, Technical Support (internet), Network Manager and Project Manager, gaining invaluable knowledge and the necessary skills that are required to manage projects relying on Information Technology.

My Code of Ethics

I am an honest, intelligent, organized, responsive, committed, teachable person who is sober, loyal, and clearly understands that regardless of who signs my paycheck, I am  solely responsible for my well being and decisions.  I am an optimistic, punctual, enthusiastic, goal-setting, positive thinker with great self-control, and I am an energetic and diligent team player and hard worker who appreciates opportunity my company and the free enterprise system offer me. I am thrifty with my resources and apply common sense to my daily tasks. I take honest pride in my competence, appearance and manners, and I am motivated to be and do my best so that my healthy self-image will remain on solid ground. These are the qualities which enable me to manage myself and help give me employment security in a no-job-security world.